Midlands Structural Engineering Market Report

Midlands Structural Engineering Market Report

The current economic climate has made operating difficult for many businesses. However, with signs that the economy is improving, businesses are beginning to grow and find new opportunities. In the next two articles, we’ll be taking a look at two key areas of construction – structural engineering and chartered surveyors – to see how they are fairing.

While the recession proved problematic for many businesses across the Midlands, it forced many companies to adapt, evolve, or innovate in order to survive. This has led to stronger companies with better offerings for the construction market. However, with unpredictable market conditions, and the legacy of recession to contend with, what is the current state of the market?


Call for development of commercial property


With companies cutting costs as demand and spending went down, there was little need for commercial property. Companies were not into a position to expand, but as fortunes begin to improve, there is now a requirement for more business premises and large scale commercial properties. While residential property shortages are being addressed by many new construction schemes, commercial property is lagging behind. Things are beginning to pick up, with several large companies looking into large expansions, including Carlsberg, who are thought to be considering a pre-let 350,000 square foot facility in Northamptonshire.


New build show demonstrates the strength of construction in the Midlands


Organised by the award winning firm behind the FIT show, The Build Show aims to bring together the best minds and companies in the construction industry to look at the future of the construction industry. After being hit hard during the recession, The Build Show aims to attract contractors who have been underrepresented by professional events for many years, the organisers believe. The event will launch in 2015, and with the idea already have received positive feedback, it is hoped that the show will be a big success.


Midlands performing better than expected, but still experiencing slow growth


As far as the construction industry is concerned, 2014 in the Midlands could be a poor year for growth. Initially forecast to experience a five year slump, construction has grown slightly in the region. While this suggests that things are looking up, on a national scale, the Construction Industry Training Board expects that the Midlands will be one of the worst performing areas in 2014 as far as construction growth is concerned (source: ITV News).


Structural engineering services from Allcott Associates


From beam size calculations to subsidence, our structural engineers are experienced in dealing with all aspects of building structure. They can provide valuable help and guidance during the design process, construction, or maintenance. Whether starting from scratch, or facing a potential problem, calling in a structural engineer can save you time and money in the long run.

Think you need a structural engineer, then contact Allcott Associates today and we’ll help you work out exactly what your needs are.








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