Solid Floor Slab Investigation

A sulphate attack on a ground floor slab is a very serious problem, which can cause structural problems to a building in the future.

This occurs when the material beneath the slab contains sulphates and these migrate into the concrete.

The sulphates react with the concrete which causes it to expand, this results in the heaving of the slab and structural damage to the external walls can happen. The consequences of this are that eventually the concrete will become week and as a result disintegrate.

When this happens, any internal walls built off the slabs will be lifted and may cause damage to the structure above.

A sulphate report also includes observations on any movement, cracking or distortion to the external walls around the damp proof course level., the internal ground floor walls and the slab itself, we examine the condition of the concrete and any present of dampness is also recorded.

These factors could either indicate a sulphate problem or could affect the risk of a future sulphate attack.

Sample Solid floor Test Report download
Sulphate Damage to concrete Floors on Sulphate-Bearing Hardcore download