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London Chartered Surveyors & Structural Engineers

6th Floor, First Central 200, 2 Lakeside Drive,
Park Royal, London, NW10 7FQ

We can help with RICS surveys, including:

Given the rich diversity of properties in the London area, and the range of issues that can affect any building, especially period properties, a Full RICS Building Survey is recommended for anyone purchasing in this area. Our London RICS Chartered Surveyors will investigate every aspect of the property wherever possible, from inspecting roof voids and basements, to checking the grounds of the building for invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed.

Our Full Building Survey reports are some of the most detailed in the industry, and include thorough descriptions of the survey findings alongside in-depth guidance on repairs and maintenance that should be budgeted for. Estimated costs are also included. This information can allow you to negotiate on the purchase price if you are buying, or can help you take steps to prevent a sale falling through if you are selling.

Whereas Full Building surveys are tailored to the needs of an individual client and their property, a HomeBuyer survey follows a set format, focusing only on defects that can affect property price, and those which are dangerous or serious. Industry bodies recommend HomeBuyer surveys for properties that have been constructed recently in a conventional way and are in sound condition. In order to conduct a HomeBuyer survey to a high standard, we recommend that it is carried out by an RICS Chartered Surveyor, rather than a Valuation Surveyor, so that key aspects of the building’s condition and structure are properly assessed.

In addition to an overview of the survey findings, our local surveyors use their knowledge of the often volatile London property market to provide a market valuation of the property, along with reinstatement costs for insurance purposes.

In circumstances in which the majority of a property is in good condition, but the owner has a concern with one particular aspect, a Specific Defect Survey (also known as a Specific Structural Survey) is appropriate. Our London team includes both Chartered Surveyors and Structural Engineers, so we can evaluate specific structural issues such as problems with cracking or supporting beams in-house, without needing to refer clients to a third party. If requested, we can even include detailed designs and structural calculations for remedial works in the survey report, to help you instruct builders or other construction contractors.


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