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What type of survey do I need?


RICS surveys are essentially property health checks. They are detailed inspections that check a property’s condition and structure. If you are buying a home, you can choose between a Full Building Survey and a HomeBuyer Survey.


Knowing what you are buying can even save you money. Your report can be used to negotiate the price of the property and will help you decide whether to proceed with the purchase. These surveys can also be helpful if you are selling, so that you are aware of any issues. This could help prevent difficult negotiations or a sale falling through at the last minute.


If you are a homeowner and have concerns about particular aspects of its structure or condition, a Specific Defect Survey will provide insight. You will also receive advice on remedial measures and associated costs.


If your home is covered by a shared equity scheme such as Help to Buy, or if you are looking to use a Right to Buy scheme, you will need an RICS Market Valuation. This will give you an independent assessment of your property’s value.


Full Building Survey vs HomeBuyer Survey


In a Nutshell.


A Full Building Survey will provide a comprehensive assessment of the structure and condition of the property. It also includes estimated costs of any repairs that are required. The detail provided in this type of survey will give you a thorough understanding of what you are buying. Industry guidelines recommend Full Building Surveys if your property is old, run-down, large or has unusual features. This type of survey is also recommended if you plan to do any significant work to the property.


A HomeBuyer survey provides a visual inspection of areas that are reasonably accessible. The survey looks for serious problems that are readily evident, but does not go into detail on the structural integrity of the property. If your property is fairly new, conventionally built and appears to be in good condition, then guidelines recommend a HomeBuyer survey.


The choice is yours. But for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property inside out, we advise that you have a Full Building Survey, whatever your property type.

Our Survey Reports


Our surveys and reports are some of the most detailed in the industry. We go beyond simply describing the property condition; we are unique in that our surveys include comprehensive technical and structural advice. Our observations and assessments are explained thoroughly in straightforward language with photos throughout.


Don’t just take our word for it, download our example reports:

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