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York Chartered Surveyors & Structural Engineers

York, North Yorkshire

Popes Head Court Offices, Peter Lane, York, YO1 8SU

Map for York building surveying firm

We can help with RICS surveys, including:

Allcott Associates’ York building surveyors are ideally placed to survey homes across the North Yorkshire region. From York itself, to Thirsk, Wetherby, Harrogate and Selby, our surveyors have the local knowledge needed to provide comprehensive insights into the house you are buying.

Our Level 3 Full Building Surveys are the most detailed and in-depth surveys that we offer. They are appropriate for any property type, from 16th century period buildings to non-standard constructions such as timber frames and No-Fines. Our survey reports are tailored to your particular property, and will highlight any defects, whether cosmetic or structural. Our surveyors will also include information on the types and costs of any repairs that are required. There will also be detail in the report covering any particular maintenance requirements of the property, so that you can budget accordingly.

Our York RICS home surveyors have been working in property in the region for decades, and they have specialist knowledge of issues particular to York, Harrogate and surrounding towns. Our reports are market-leading in their detail, but should you have any queries after looking through your report, our surveyors are available via email or phone to discuss the findings in more detail.

Level 2 (‘homebuyer‘) surveys are designed for houses that have been build within the last few decades. They’re appropriate for fairly new houses that are in good condition and built using standard techniques and methods. They follow a set format and are clear and straightforward to interpret, highlighting major and serious defects with a property.

Unlike Level 3 surveys, however, homebuyer surveys do not comment on potential hidden problems. They do not go into detail on wear and tear defects, and do not cover structural integrity and property build in as much detail. For this reason, Level 2 surveys are not suitable for any property that is older, or that has had a number of previous repairs or building works carried out.

Our York HomeBuyer surveyors have extensive expertise at conducting Level 2 survey assessments across the York, Harrogate and Wetherby regions. All of our surveys are carried out by RICS Surveyors, meaning that their work has to meet the standards of the RICS institution, as well as our own high-quality specifications.

For homeowners or buyers who are concerned about a particular defect in isolation, a Specific Defect Survey can be considered. Also known as a Specific Structural Survey, these surveys focus on one aspect of a property, and normally concentrate on the structural implications of the issue. Specific Defect Surveys are often requested when people are worried that cracking might be a sign of subsidence, but can also be used to assess the structural suitability of extensions and loft conversions, and to assess damp and timber infestations.


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