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What is a Full Structural Survey?


A ‘Full Structural Survey’ is exactly the same as a Level 3 Building Survey. They are in-depth inspections of the condition of a property that provide tailored advice on any issues that the building and grounds have, alongside guidance on the repairs and maintenance that will be required.


A ‘Structural Survey’, on the other hand, is a different entity – you can read more about those types of survey below.

Want to know how much a full structural survey costs?

How does a Structural Survey compare with a Building Survey?


A Building Survey is normally carried out by an RICS Chartered Surveyor. A Structural Survey on the other hand (not to be confused with a ‘Full Structural Survey’, which is the same thing as a Building Survey) is often carried out by a Structural Engineer.


A Structural Survey focuses on the structural integrity of the property only; the general condition of the building, such as cosmetic issues, boundaries and issues in the grounds, will not be considered. The engineer will use their knowledge of building materials and their characteristics and performance to conduct a thorough investigation into the causes of any defects. If possible, the engineer will carry out investigations to find out more about the property’s structure.


Do I need a Structural Survey?


Structural Surveys are often requested following a survey if a surveyor has highlighted that a particular issue needs further investigation.


However, if you own or are buying a property, and you are confident that it is in sound condition apart from a particular structural issue, you may wish to instruct a structural survey without a full building survey. Such surveys are known as Specific Structural Surveys or Specific Defect Surveys.


Read more about Specific Structural Surveys here.

Allcott Associates’ building surveys all cover structural investigations


Our team includes both Chartered Surveyors and Structural Engineers. This means that we are in a unique position to offer surveys that cover both property condition and structural integrity. Unlike other firms, we won’t need refer you to a third party for structural investigations. It also means that our surveys are accepted by all lenders.

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