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Structural Calculations for Solar Panel Installation

Structural Calculations for Solar/PV Panel Installation

Residential Solar Panel Calculations

If you are thinking of installing solar panels, you may require structural roof calculations to determine the load capacity of the roofs.

Solar panels may have an impact on your home’s structure. Most significantly, solar panels will increase the load on your existing roof structure. It is therefore necessary to contact a structural engineer who can conduct load capacity calculations to determine whether the roof can support the new load.

Our engineers will determine whether the roof structure can take the extra weight of the solar panels and will provide certification. Height, load, pressure and even climate are all taken into account, as is any specific requirements for access and maintenance. Safety is of course a key consideration.

If the current roof structure is not sufficient to support solar panels, our structural engineers can advise on what measures need to be taken to strengthen the roof structure. We can also provide designs and calculations for the works that need to be done, and support with building control submissions.

To install a solar panel you do not need planning permission, but the following does apply:

● Panels should not be installed above the ridgeline and should project no more than 200mm from the roof or the wall surface.

● If your property is a listed building, installation will likely require an application for listed building consent.

● Panels should not be sited so that they tarnish the overall appearance of the building.

● When no longer needed for micro-generation, they should be removed as soon as possible.

Looking for Commercial Structural Roof Calculations?

Our commercial structural engineers offer structural roof calculations for PV panel installation, installation of heavy plant machinery and green roof installation. We cover all commercial property types, from large portal frames and office blocks to period retail properties.

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