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We can help with RICS surveys, including:

Our Bristol RICS Building Surveys are designed to give you a thorough insight into the condition and structural integrity of your property. A Full Building Survey looks at every possible aspect of the building, from serious structural defects to general wear and tear, all of which could result in the need for costly repairs. It also includes a discussion of potential problems that may be hidden. Your surveyor will provide bespoke guidance and advice and will include full details of what repairs and maintenance are required and how much should be budgeted for the works. Such information allows you to negotiate on price if you are buying a property, or can help you avoid losing a purchaser if you are selling.

Our surveyors are experts in local issues, such as the conversion of loft spaces to living quarters without proper Building Regulation approval. Often done to maximise living space in the city centre, conversions without approval may not be structurally sound, may lack appropriate fire escape provisions and should not be valued as an extra room when calculating property price.

A HomeBuyer survey covers visible problems with a property in any areas that are easily accessible to a surveyor. Guidance from industry organisations suggests that HomeBuyer surveys are appropriate for houses that have been built recently, that are in good condition and that are not of non-standard construction.

The HomeBuyer survey report is written in straightforward language and follows a set format, highlighting any problems that could be a danger to people, that are serious in nature or that could be detrimental to property price. The report includes a top-line discussion of repairs and maintenance and includes reinstatement costs and a market valuation of the property.

We offer Specific Defect Surveys in the Bristol, Gloucestershire and Cotswold areas. These surveys focus on particular issues with a property, rather than examining the property as a whole. Our Bristol Chartered Surveyors and Structural Engineers are experienced at evaluating defects such as structural movement, which is common in the region owing to the sub-soil conditions, past mining activity and war damage. Other examples of specific investigations include assessment of brickwork or roofing defects, investigation of suspected rot in timbers, or examination of building works such as loft conversions. The survey report covers the building inspection findings in detail, with photos throughout. It also describes related problems with the structure of the building, what can be done to fix any problems and how much repairs will cost.

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