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Leeds Chartered Surveyors & Structural Engineers

1200 Century Way, Thorpe Park
Leeds, West Yorkshire
LS15 8ZA

We can help with RICS surveys, including:

Our Leeds Chartered Surveyors use their in-depth knowledge of properties in the Yorkshire area to provide tailored, expert guidance on building condition and structure. The RICS Full Building Survey is a comprehensive examination of a property and includes detailed technical and structural advice. Our surveyors are available with fast responses to any questions you have, and provide one-to-one advice on any specific concerns.

Our industry-leading reports are detailed and comprehensive, yet described in straightforward language with photos throughout. Technical insights are explained thoroughly. The reports also include estimated costs of any repairs and maintenance that are required, so that you can budget accordingly or even negotiate on the price of a property purchase. Because our surveyors have local knowledge, they are equipped to offer you bespoke advice for your property, whether it’s a stone terrace in Headingly, a period coach house in Leeds, a cottage in Holmfirth or a detached family house in Huddersfield.

Allcott Associate’s RICS Chartered Surveyors offer HomeBuyer Surveys in West and North Yorkshire. A HomeBuyer survey is less detailed than a Full Building Survey, and focuses on visible issues that are easily accessible and are likely to be serious, dangerous or detrimental to the property price. Walls will be tested for damp, and accessible timbers inspected for signs of rot or infestation.

The HomeBuyer report is easy to follow and will contain photos to illustrate the surveyor’s findings. Our Leeds Surveyors also include reinstatement costs and a market valuation, along with an overview of required property maintenance and considerations for your legal advisor.

If you are concerned about a specific aspect of a property in the Leeds area, our local Chartered Surveyors and Structural Engineers can carry out a specific defect survey. These assessments focus on particular issues or concerns, including movement of walls or foundations, problems with supporting structures (e.g. beams) or questions about the quality of previous building works, such as wall removals. Your report will include a thorough description of the survey findings along with details of the remedial works required and associated costs.



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