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Beam Calculations

Whether you’re having an extension, carrying out a loft conversion, installing bi-fold doors or carrying out other structural works, we can provide beam design and calculations to meet your needs.
Our Chartered Structural Engineers are experts in design, drawings and calculations for single-steel and multi-steel beam/RSJ calculations, column and padstone design, structural ridge and wind post calculations and steel fabrication drawings.

Beam Calculations

Do I need beam calculations?

If you are making significant alterations or extensions to your property, you are likely to need to install supporting beams (usually RSJs/I-beams) and connections between new and old beams. Whether you are knocking down walls, opening up a kitchen, removing a chimney breast or changing the layout of your home, a structural engineer can tell you which structures are load-bearing and what structural supports need to be put in place. If you are looking into carrying out a basement, garage or loft conversion, a structural engineer will be needed to provide structural calculations for new floors, roofs and staircases.

Professional calculations of beam, padstone and column requirements by a chartered structural engineer not only ensure that your property remains structurally sound, they are also needed for getting Building Regulation approval from Building Control.

Beam calculation example from a structural engineer
Allcott Associates beam design and calculations

Our structural engineers have decades of experience in carrying out beam calculations and design for beams for all types of property alteration, including removal of load-bearing walls, property extensions, loft conversions and installation of bi-fold doors. Our work includes design and calculations for steel, timber and concrete, including:

  • RSJs/I-Beams
  • Steel Floor Beams
  • Steel Ridge Beams
  • Dormer roof front support beams
  • Rafters
  • Roof joists
  • Posts and Columns
  • Wind posts
  • Structural ridges and more

We work closely with the appointed architects, builders and homeowners to ensure conformity of design.

Our engineers will always visit site ensuring that the most suitable beam is designed the first time. They will check the loadings involved and review the structure of the surrounding building to check its suitability.

Your builders may also need steel fabrication drawings, steel beam splices & connection calculations. Allcott Associates’ Chartered Engineers will support you with any project, large or small. If required, we can manage the process from start to finish, liaising with builders from concept through to completion.

Our calculations and design notes should be attached to your local authority building regulation application. Our service does not end at the point of submission; if your building control officer has any queries about the design, our structural engineers will provide help and advice.

Looking for commercial structural engineering services?

Our commercial structural engineers offer a wide range of structural engineering services for all commercial property types, from large portal frames and office blocks to period retail properties.

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to find out more about commercial beam calculations and our other commercial engineering specialisms.

Allcott Associates beam design and calculations

A beam calculation report typically includes calculations sheets, dead loads, imposed loads and detailed design notes. The report will include information on the British and European safety standards that the calculations adhere to.

If required, the report will also include detailed fabrication drawings, and tailored notes for you, your builder and your architect.

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