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3 Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Property Secure

Homes without security measures are 5x more at risk of burglary than those with security measures. These are 3 of the best and most effective security precautions to take to reduce risk and keep your property safe and secure.


1. Locks

Two thirds of burglars break into a house through a door and one third break in through a window. This can easily be prevented by hiring a locksmith to fit your doors and windows with solid and secure locks. You should also consider having safe installation to protect certain items from being taken from your house in the case of a burglary or even a breach of trust from a friend or loved one.

Your front door should be fitted with a five-lever mortice deadlock, 3 hinges, 2 hinge bolts, laminated glass, a dead-locking rimlock, door chain, London bar and letter box cage.

Fit windows with two window locks and laminated glass or reinforced glazing, especially those with easy access.

Lock side gates, garages and sheds with a rim, mortice or padlock to prevent access.

80% of burglars are opportunists so don’t give them the opportunity to enter your property. Make sure all windows and doors are locked and closed, especially when you’re not in the house.

Keep keys to the locks in a safe place; not under the mat, and not in the door.


2. Lighting

Lighting inside and outside can keep burglars away and keep your property secure.

Outside lighting at the front and back of your property deters burglars by making them visible. Whether you choose an infrared motion sensor light which turns on when movement is detected outside the house, or lights that can be manually switched on, outside lighting will help to keep burglars away from your premises.

The main aim of lighting inside is to make your house look occupied, as a burglar will most likely not enter if you’re inside. Turn lights on so that it looks like there’s someone in at all times. You could also use timers to strategically switch lights on when you’re on holiday or out of the house.


3. Alarms

A security alarm will scare a burglar when it is activated as it draws attention to them and alerts you that an intruder is present.

A visible burglar alarm or even a dummy alarm will also deter a burglar and is more likely to prevent them from attempting to break in.

There are many different types of alarm. Choose the alarm which is most suited to your needs, depending on house type, cost, and level of protection required.

Alarms are wired or wireless, and wired may require a professional installer. You could opt for a bells only alarm which makes a noise, but doesn’t alert the authorities. In contrast, a monitored or speech dialler system automatically contacts you or the police when activated.


These are 3 of the most effective deterrents that you can employ. Use strong locks on all doors and windows, install lighting inside and out, and fit an alarm to make sure your property is safe and secure from burglars and potential theft.

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