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Building surveyors in Manchester

Our Chartered building surveyors are in Manchester: here are their recent level 3 survey highlights

The residential housing market in Manchester has boomed over the past 5 years. It has even weathered the market storm over the last 12 months, with house prices remaining stable and predicted to start rising again in 2024.

The wide variety of housing stock in Greater Manchester means house hunters can find a property that suits their needs. Here, our Manchester building surveyors pick out some of their favourite recent level 3 surveys.


Building surveys in Salford

Salford is one of our busiest areas, and Salford building surveys keep our surveyors occupied most weeks.

building survey salford

This two-storey two bedroom semi-detached house was traditionally built. The date of construction was considered to be around 1925, making it one of the older houses that we survey in this area. Salford has had such a boom in recent years, that many of the houses we visit here are only a few decades old.


full building survey salford

This 1990s semi-detached two-bedroom house was more typical of houses we see in the area. Development has burgeoned in Salford, with growth continuing into recent years. According to Salford City Council, there will be an increase of almost 18,500 households in Salford between 2018 and 2037.


apartment survey salford

This one bed, one bed, fourth floor new build apartment is a great example of a more recent development in the Salford area.


HMO survey salford

HMOs are always big surveys. This seven bedroom, three-storey extended mid-terraced Victorian house was originally a single residence, but had been converted into a student HMO.

In cases like these, our surveyors are looking out for anything that doesn’t meet with building regulations and current standards, particularly where the use of a space has been changed or structural alterations have been made. In addition, it’s important that the conveyancer gets evidence of building control approval and completion certifications, along with structural engineer’s drawings and calculations. This will mean you can be certain that the works meet building regulations.

Change of use classification is also needed for any residential properties that have been converted into HMOs.


Surveying large family homes around Manchester

With house prices on the rise, these larger properties are a significant investment. Full, level 3 building surveys allow the buyers to understand the physical condition of the house they are buying and how much they should budget for repairs and maintenance. It also means that they can make an informed decision on whether to go ahead with the purchase, and whether further negotiations will be needed.

large house survey Astley

Another 1990s house, but much bigger than the Salfrod property. This four bedroom detached house in Astley would make a great family home. As houses get bigger, so do gardens, and our inspections continue into the grounds. In areas like Astley, we are particularly on the lookout for the invasive plant species Japanese Knotweed, which is known to be fairly common in the area.


building survey cheadle

This Cheadle building survey covered a 5 bedroom detached house believed to have been originally constructed in the 1930s. Our surveyor noted that the property had been substantially extended, with left, right and first floor extensions constructed circa. 2015. While everything appeared to be in line with building regulations, we advised that the conveyancing solicitor should get all the relevant certifications and approvals for the works.


building survey in manchester

The survey of this 5-bedroom house in Alderley Edge also included an extension inspection. The main house was built in 1961, and was substantially extended in 2002.


Period home surveys around Manchester

victorian house survey manchester

This three-bedroom semi-detached house was built at the turn of the 20th century. It is normal for older properties to have some wear and tear, and the summary section of the building survey report can be a great tool for understanding which works need to be prioritised, and how much budget should be set aside. This can help buyers decide whether the house is affordable, and whether they are prepared to take on the maintenance needs of a period property.


period property survey manchester

The survey of this stunning Victorian property in south Manchester was a real treat. Period homes like this are packed with features, which give the house so much character, but also need to be carefully checked. We use extending camera poles to get closer looks at roof features and chimneystacks, and to reach areas in lofts and basements that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Choosing a surveyor with expertise in period property is important, because the materials and methods used to maintain and repair older properties can affect their lifespan and be the difference between having a damp problem or not. Our team of building surveyors in Manchester are experienced in surveying properties of all ages, and will advise accordingly.