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Hidden roof defects

FREE building advice during Covid-19

Are you at a loose end since the coronavirus lockdown? So are we! Our company Partners (Timothy Allcott and Matthew Baker) have decided to offer free building advice during the lockdown period to anyone who needs it.

Perhaps you’re worried about a potential defect in your home, such as a crack in a wall, some patches of damp or a plant that looks suspiciously like Japanese Knotweed. You might have questions about interpreting a survey report (ours or someone else’s), or you may want more information on repairs and remedial works.

Send us a photo or two of the area you’re concerned about, or write down your question, and we will do our best to help you out. You can either email, or post on our Facebook page:

We also plan to use the questions to put together an FAQ section for our website.

‘Small print’: We need to point out that there is no substitute for a full survey on site, and the accuracy of our advice is limited by the fact that we are viewing photos and we cannot see the entire property. We do not accept any liability for the advice given under this offer, nor for any actions taken by people who read the advice. Our building advice is completely free of charge, and does not imply any sort of contract or agreement between Allcott Associates and any other party. We may not have capacity to answer every question received, and we reserve the right to cancel this service without notice.

You can also check out our blog and advice sections for handy tips and useful information.