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Surveying and admin team a the Christmas party

Getting festive with Forbes: Tim Allcott talks Christmas party plans

Allcotts Chartered Surveyors & Structural Engineers Christmas PartyChristmas party season is nearly upon us. Nevertheless, getting everyone into the festive spirit can be tricky for companies like ours that have remote workers spread across the country.

Fortunately, at Allcott Associates we are up for the challenge.

Tim Allcott, Partner and Chartered Surveyor, gave Forbes the low down on our Christmas party antics.

At Allcott Associates we take our partying seriously. Despite all of our surveyors working remotely, we like to take the opportunity to get the whole team in one place.

We start off with a company meeting and open discussions about our work processes and strategy. This is great because it gives everyone the chance to bounce ideas off each other and work together to improve our services.

However, it’s probably not the main reason that our surveyors travel hundreds of miles just before Christmas. As can be seen from the pictures, once the meeting is over we get onto the more important business of having fun and socialising.

As Tim told Forbes, getting everyone together, even if it is just once or twice a year, is so important for us. It means that the admin team can get to know the surveyors that they work with day in, day out, on a social level. It also allows a great exchange of ideas and acts as a sounding board for moans and groans(!), reinforcing our ethos of working together as a team.

Here’s to a great 2019 get-together!

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