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Investigating Subsidence for Insurance

Subsidence is where the ground caves or sinks, which is a huge problem for homes built on top of it. There are many different causes of subsidence, and many ways in which it can be prevented or halted. One thing is for certain: the cost of subsidence can often be very large indeed.

Because of this, subsidence coverage has been included with various household and property insurance policies now for over forty years. If your home is damaged by subsidence, or requires work to prevent further subsidence, there may be a chance you can get covered for the cost of that work by your insurance provider.

In order to be eligible for financial compensation in the event of subsidence, your insurer will need to be sure of the cause of subsidence and the damage caused. In these cases, a subsidence investigation survey will be required in order to establish the facts relating to the subsidence and the property affected.

Subsidence reports are used not only to determine the cause of subsidence, but also to provide advice and recommendations for remedial action. There are different ways of combating subsidence, and which methods need to be utilised will depend upon the cause, such as removing a tree in clay soil.


Types of subsidence survey

There are different types of survey that may need to be carried out, which could range from a simple visual inspection to ascertain the level of damage and the severity of the subsidence, right up to an Intrusive survey which involves more precise measuring of any cracks or visible damage.

After each type of survey, the findings are compiled into a report, making it easier for the relevant parties to analyse the data and find the information that they require. The report would cover the initial reasons why the inspection was carried out in the first place, an analysis of the building and structure, the investigations that were undertaken, and the extent of any damage found.

Depending on the type of survey, the report would then offer opinions on the cause of the damage, advice for any types of remedial action that could be required, and also how likely any future movement or damage is.

The reports also contain information for the use of insurance purposes, such as how valid an insurance claim may be given the circumstances and the damage caused.


Subsidence investigation surveys

The surveys and reports we undertake and compile allow subsidence and its cause to be identified. They provide all the information required to know what course of action should be taken to prevent further damage or to remedy the problem, as well as information on the likelihood of the problem continuing. The surveys provide insurers with the information they need to process a claim related to subsidence, a professional opinion that could be influential in getting the right compensation, and the right course of action for you to take.

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