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Listed building surveyor article

Our guide: The role of a building surveyor in listed building works

What do you get when you cross Allcott Associates’ listed building surveyors with The Listed Property Owner’s Club? An article covering ‘The role of a Building Surveyor before building work begins’ of course!

We were delighted to be invited to write the article for the club’s Nov/Dec magazine edition. The issue focuses on all aspects of planning building works on a listed property, and happily the experts at LPOC recognize the important role that a building surveyor can play in making sure that the works are suitable and appropriate.

Works to listed buildings do need a little more thought than works to other properties. There are restrictions on the types of changes allowed, and listed building consent will be needed for the alterations. Other considerations include the fact that hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead piping are more common in old properties than in newer ones, as are endangered, protected species such as bats and newts.

Our article covers all the ways a building surveyor can support someone planning alterations to a listed property, from assessing structural elements and existing and proposed materials sourced from a Construction Supply Business, to reviewing plans, suggesting amends and supporting negotiations between conservation officers and building control.

The magazine issue contains a wealth of information on all aspects of preparing for works to a listed building – if you’re the owner of a listed property, it’s well worth checking it out.

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