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Why Choose a Chartered Building Surveyor?

The title “Chartered Building Surveyor” is protected by law and only those who are competent and have earned membership into the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors have the right to use it.

A Chartered Building Surveyor must have either a qualifying Degree or Post Graduate Diploma from an RICS approved University in Building Surveying and a minimum of 2 years of structured training in a professional office under supervision before qualifying to sit an Assessment of Professional Competence.

Only after satisfying these academic qualifications, supervised training, and final assessment can a surveyor use the title Chartered Building Surveyor.

The final assessment that all Chartered Building Surveyors must pass ensures that each and every person satisfies the stringent professional standards of the RICS, which require the highest level of service and efficiency as well as compliance with the strictest code of professional conduct.

All RICS members must also continually update their knowledge and competence throughout their working life, which is completed through the RICS’s Continuous Professional Development ensuring that the client can be confident the advice they receive will be of the highest and most professional standard.

A Chartered Surveyor must also adhere to a set of practice standards and codes of practice which can be found at The RICS practice standards and codes of practice are internationally renowned and regarded as a true mark of quality. The world’s most powerful financial institutions, corporations and governments across the world depend on the consistent and reliable level of expertise that RICS members provide.

The RICS qualification that each member has earned is a mark of quality assurance – a valuable asset that demonstrates to the client and the industry as a whole that the highest standards in the world are adhered to. This ensures that if instructed we can provide a service to you of the highest quality.