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Our Promise

At Allcott Associates we have a set of different promises that we always strive to maintain:
  • To reduce elapsed time – the report is concise, factual and most importantly, we identify the cause and extent of the damage and advise upon liability issues. All of our surveyors are currently involved in insurance policy conditions.


  • Our product attaches the most emphasis on an initial detailed inspection by a qualified and experienced surveyor who is fully conversant with the insurance policy conditions.


  • The key to having made the right decision allows us to manage the insured client’s expectations from the outset and if repudiation is necessary, this is done face-to-face with a full explanation as to what the problem is. Although it may be insured, how they go about resolving the problem is crucial.


  • This is supported by a written report that clearly explains the facts and extent of the damage. We then recommend a clear future course of action in respect of the liability issue.
  • This report will also include a calculation of the project, for the repairs and damage using either our own schedule of rates or our clients. In certain circumstances, we can provide a full project management service instead.


  • Our philosophy is to provide a full service, offering specialist expertise from one company. This reduces our customers’ costs significantly when compared to buying the individual services from various sources. We have quality and experienced engineers who undertake our initial diagnosis, plus cost control throughout the life of the claim.


  • Our aim is to provide our clients with quality customer care. It is important to manage the fears and expectations of the policyholder during what is a stressful time for them.
Unlike other firms, we are completely independent and our reports are accepted by all financial institutions and insurance companies.

Service Promise

We put the most emphasis on the initial inspection by a qualified engineer. We will not hesitate to analyse what the damage is, where the problem is, and the best and most cost-effective way to rectify it.

We promise to:

● Reduce claim spending

● Reduce the time it takes to organise your claim

● Provide a positive customer service

We always strive to make the right decisions as it allows us to always meet our customers’ expectations.

If repudiation is necessary, this is to be done face-to-face with full explanation as to what the problem is. Even if the issue isn’t insured, we will still help our clients resolve the problem.