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Building Surveyors in High Peak

Our chartered building surveyors offer RICS Full Building and Homebuyers Surveys in the High Peak area, including Glossop, Whaley Bridge and Buxton.

High Peak Homebuyers Surveys

Our Homebuyer Surveys – also known as RICS Level 2 surveys – are carried out by RICS chartered surveyors who have local knowledge and extensive expertise in building defects.

The surveyors look for visible, serious problems with the condition and structure of the house that could affect the property’s safety and value. These are covered in a clear and concise way in the Homebuyer Survey Report, and illustrated by photographs, so that you can fully understand the issues present in the property you are purchasing. This information allows you to make an informed decision on your purchase, and can be used to renegotiate on the price of the property, to help you cover the cost of repairs.



High Peak Full Building Surveys

Full Building Survey (RICS Level 3) is a thorough, comprehensive inspection of all aspects of a building’s structure and condition. Our surveyors will cover both minor and major problems, and will discuss potential future problems and how to prevent them.

The report will include detailed information on the repairs required and the associated costs, providing our clients with a thorough insight into the state of the property and the necessary actions needed to improve it.


How much is a survey?

Our no-obligation quotes are available instantly online, and our friendly bookings team are on hand to help you if you need advice on which type of survey to choose. They are fast, thorough and professional and take care of all the survey arrangements, keeping you informed at every step.


What does a High Peak Survey include?

All of our surveys include an assessment of the overall condition and structural integrity of the property, looking for defects such as subsidence, damp and roofing issues. Internal and external areas will be carefully examined, and visible areas of the heating, drainage, heating and water services will be inspected.

If you choose a full building survey, the report will also include technical information on how the property was built, in-depth assessments of defects and potential issues, and tailored advice on how best to maintain the property.

We are happy to include reinstatement costs and a market valuation with either type of report, free of charge.

Allcott Associates Building Surveyors High Peak

RICS chartered surveyors with extensive experience in local residential property

Fast, friendly answers to your questions, before and after the survey

Thorough, extensive and professional advice that is clear and easy to understand

Clear, comprehensive reports – among the most detailed in the industry

Survey photo of chimney and roof

Thorough inspection of property condition and structure

cracking in a wall

In-depth advice on repairs, costs and maintenance

Industry-leading detailed reports

structural inspection

Tailored inspections based on your needs

Our survey locations cover England

Local RICS building surveyors, supported by our nationwide team

Phone support

One-to-one advice from your surveyor on any queries