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prepare your home for a property survey

How To Prepare Your Home For A Property Survey

Before your property survey is carried out, it’s worth getting an idea of what a surveyor will look for. There are a few things you can do to prepare your home that will protect your belongings and make it easier for the surveyor.


Clear Away Clutter

You should clear away any clutter around your home as this will make it easier for the surveyor to inspect your property. This includes decluttering your possessions such as ornaments and plants from key areas that your surveyor will need to assess such as fireplaces and window sills.


Tidy & Clean

Thoroughly tidy and clean your home to show that the property is well looked after and give a good impression to the surveyor. This includes cleaning carpets and surfaces, and paying particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms to leave them sparkling. 


Repair Minor Defects

Repair minor defects that you are aware of to show that your property is well maintained and limit the number of defects your survey uncovers. Fix obvious defects such as dripping taps, remove mould as this indicates damp, and fill hairline cracks in walls.


Make All Areas of the Home Accessible

You need to make all areas of your home as accessible as possible so that the surveyor can investigate the whole of the property and provide a thorough, comprehensive, and accurate report. Never purposely block problem areas or hide defects and instead make all areas accessible.

This involves clearing heavy furniture away from walls, making the fuse box and boiler accessible, having keys to all windows and doors so that they can be opened, and opening the loft, basement, sheds and outbuildings so that they can be entered.


So, before your property survey is carried out, prepare your property by clearing away clutter, tidying and cleaning your home, repairing minor defects, and making all areas of your home accessible. This will make the surveying process run much more smoothly for both you and your surveyor.

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