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Luxury Home Surveyors

Our RICS Chartered Surveyors all have decades of experience in residential property. They understand the luxury property market and the particular considerations that come with surveying premium homes and estates.

Luxury Home Surveys

Surveying a Luxury Property

Surveying a luxury, multi-million pound property requires a specific, detailed skill set. These homes are usually unique, with bespoke construction and architecture; our surveyors’ experience means they have a thorough understanding of construction methods and materials. This knowledge allows them to properly evaluate the structural condition of the property and identify any potential issues as well as visible defects.

Typically, these homes will have additional buildings or features within their demise. Whether it’s a basement swimming pool in a London mansion, or stables on a country estate, each area of the property needs to be individually assessed. The requirements placed upon different aspects of a property vary, and the assessment of an outbuilding used for storage will be very different for one used as an annexe. Similarly, the survey report and recommendations for repairs and maintenance need to take into account the intended use of that part of the building.

For very large estates, our residential and commercial surveying teams can work together to provide planned preventative maintenance schedules to ensure the property is kept in excellent condition over the coming years. 

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Things to Consider

The size of these homes often means that we will have two or more of our surveyors on site at the same time – our ability to draw from our experienced team to facilitate this means that our surveys are completed in good time. It also makes access arrangements easier and more efficient for the vendor, and results in the purchaser receiving their report in a timely manner.

The large extent of these properties also means that viewing the roof space can require special equipment. Our surveyors use drones to get a close view of the roofs, chimneys and any other areas that are difficult to access by ladder. This means that every inspection is thorough, covering all elements of the property.

Many older luxury properties are listed buildings. As well as having specific maintenance requirements that differ from modern homes, the materials used in these buildings are often unusual and even rare. This has ramifications for gaining an accurate understanding of the condition of the property and potential defects, and also on the costs and feasibility of repairs. Furthermore, the listing of a property restricts the alterations that can be made. We have surveyors with specific expertise in the inspection and appraisal of listed buildings, and we provide advice appropriate to the building’s construction type, age and style.

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Our Expert Surveying Team

Allcott Associates’ surveyors are all RICS qualified with years of post-qualification experience, and several members of the team have extensive experience in surveying large, premium and period properties. We provide a fully tailored inspection matching our surveyors’ expertise to the property in question.

Our reports are bespoke to each property we visit, so that every client gains a thorough understanding of the condition of the property they are buying, and the repair and maintenance liabilities that will come with it.

Our surveyors can also exploit the knowledge of our chartered structural engineers. This means that if any structural issues are identified, most can be diagnosed in-house, without the need for costly and time-consuming referrals to third parties.

Our experienced in-house bookings team handle each stage of the process, making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently. They understand the needs of clients who are based overseas, and are equally at-home working alongside property agents, solicitors and managers.

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