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Building Surveyors in Barnsley

Our chartered home surveyors provide RICS Level 3 and Level 2 surveys in and around Barnsley.

Barnsley Building Surveyors

Allcott Associate’s chartered Barnsley building surveyors cover Barnsley town and the surrounding areas, including Penistone, Deepcar, Scissett, Hoyland, Brampton and Swinton.

Barnsley is a fantastic place to live and work, with friendly locals and and a traditional market town centre. Our Barnsley surveying team particularly rate Cannon Hall Farm for entertaining the family, and for those looking for more culture, Sheffield‘s arts and entertainment scene are just a stone’s throw away.

The surrounding towns and villages, like Penistone, Hoyland and Scissett, are perfect for those looking to get closer to the stunning local countryside. You can’t beat the Peak District for incredible natural beauty and fascinating places to visit.

On top of this, compared with many areas in the country, house prices in Barnsley can be quite reasonable, making it an ideal location for families looking for more space inside and outside their homes.

Choosing a survey?

As with other areas in the country, homebuyers in Barnsley are likely to be choosing between an RICS Level 2 and an RICS Level 3 survey.

Level 2 survey – also known as a ‘homebuyer survey’ – is perfect for someone buying a modern property, built using conventional materials and in reasonable condition. These surveys focus on serious defects and issues, alerting buyers to anything that is likely to affect the value of the property, or prove costly to repair and maintain. It will also highlight anything that could prove a danger to occupants.

Level 3 survey – also referred to as a ‘full building survey’ – is the most thorough type of survey on the market. As well as covering everything a Level 2 survey would, a Level 3 survey will include details on more minor issues with the structure and condition of the property, allowing buyers to fully budget for repairs and maintenance; indeed, it will even include estimated costs for any substantial items of work. Level 3 surveys are ideal for anyone wanting a comprehensive insight into a property, and are particularly important for anyone buying a period property, a non-standard property or a property in poor condition.


What does a Barnsley Building Survey include?

All of our surveys include an assessment of the overall condition and structural integrity of the property, looking for defects such as subsidence, damp and roofing issues. Internal and external areas will be carefully examined, and visible areas of the heating, drainage, heating and water services will be inspected. We will also highlight anything your legal advisor needs to investigate in more detail during their searches, and we will carry out our own searches to understand risks from flooding, radon and mining activity.

If you choose a full building survey, the report will also include technical information on how the property was built, in-depth assessments of defects and potential issues, and tailored advice on how best to maintain the property.

We are happy to include reinstatement costs and a market valuation with either type of report, free of charge.

Allcott Associates Building Surveyors Barnsley

RICS regulated firm: Allcott Associates is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, meaning we follow rigorous professional standards.

One-to-one advice: Our RICS surveyors are available to answer your questions following the survey.

Clear, comprehensive reports – among the most detailed in the industry, with photographs throughout.

Experienced team of surveyors: Our Barnsley surveyors have decades of surveying expertise, and are supported by our nationwide team of experienced surveyors, allowing us to offer exceptional technical insight and advice.

Survey photo of chimney and roof

Thorough inspection of property condition and structure

cracking in a wall

In-depth advice on repairs, costs and maintenance

Industry-leading detailed reports

structural inspection

Tailored inspections based on your needs

Our survey locations cover England

Local RICS building surveyors, supported by our nationwide team

Phone support

One-to-one advice from your surveyor on any queries