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What is a Specific Defect Survey?

What is a Specific Defect Survey?

specific defect survey, also known as a specific structural survey, is an assessment of a building’s particular structural problems. The survey inspects a specific issue with the building’s structure.

For residential properties, these issues are commonly a specific defect that another surveyor has uncovered during a Homebuyer or Building Survey. The surveyor then recommends further structural inspection to more comprehensively investigate and rectify the issue. Owners, tenants and potential purchasers of commercial properties can also require particular structural investigations. These are commonly known as specific structural inspections.


What Will The Specific Defect Survey Investigate?

The specific defect survey will assess a building’s specific structural defects and uncover new issues. The survey will enable you to gain more detail on a specific issue so you can gain peace of mind on any deeper concerns. The survey could investigate such issues as:


What Is Included In The Specific Defect Survey Report?

The specific defect report includes details of what is uncovered during the inspection. The report will assess whether there is a problem with the structure of the building and what needs to be done to rectify any issues along with budget costs. Just make sure to hire a reliable inspector. It’s also important to take note that it’s not easy to become a RICS chartered surveyor, as they have to go through a series of strict training first.

It highlights the causes of the defects and their seriousness. Your survey will offer advice on how to repair the damages and the course of action you need to take to address the problems. It will also suggest whether any further investigations are required and a budget of the costs of repairs.


Specific Defect Surveys at Allcott Associates

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