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Building Surveyors in Bath

Our RICS chartered house surveyors provide in-depth, comprehensive RICS building surveys and homebuyer reports in Bath and surrounding areas.

Whether you are looking at buying an historic town house in Lansdown, a new build terrace or a modern property in Combe Down, our surveyors have the experience and expertise necessary to make sure your investment is safe.

Average house prices in Bath, and nearby areas such as Chew Valley, are consistently well above the national average. What’s more, Bath has been named as one of the most expensive place to buy your first home. Even in more affordable areas like Radstock and Westfield, a house is still a substantial investment.

It is therefore crucial to make sure that the property you are buying is structurally sound and will not come with unexpected repair and maintenance costs. Our RICS Bath surveyors have extensive experience in assessing houses, picking up both major and minor defects and explaining what works need to be done, and how much you should budget.

This information can be used to help decide on whether the property is worth the agreed price, or whether further negotiations are necessary.

RICS Level 3 and Level 2 Surveys

We carry out a lot of Level 3 building surveys in the Bath region, given the number of period properties in the region. From Georgian mansions and apartment buildings, to Grade II listed 19th century coach houses and 18th century country cottages, our surveyors tailor their reports to the quirks of each property and cover what works need to be done, and which need to be prioritised.

Our homebuyer (level 2 surveys) are usually used for newer properties that are built using standard construction methods and materials, and are in good condition. While these assessments are not quite as detailed as an RICS level 3 survey, they will highlight any serious issues with the property, allowing you to budget if any major works are needed. To decide which type of survey is right for you, you can view our factsheet or simply call our team for friendly, expert advice.

Next steps

You can use our instant quote form to get an immediate, online price for a level 2 or level 3 survey for your house. If you would like more detailed advice or you want to discuss our services further, please call the team on 0333 200 7198 or email us at Our team respond quickly to any queries and are happy to offer advice.

We cover all types of property in Bath, Chew Valley, Bradford-on-Avon, Radstock and the surrounding North Somerset region.

Our decades of experience in surveying a wide range of property types allows us to provide expert advice on the most suitable repairs and maintenance, depending on the age and construction style of the property. Contact us today for more information.

RICS Building Surveyors Bath

Comprehensive inspections and detailed advice from experienced, knowledgeable surveyors

Quick, in-depth responses to any queries you have following your survey

Thorough, extensive and professional reports that are clear and easy to understand

RICS regulated firm – we are governed by our industry’s professional body, which ensures the highest surveying standards

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Thorough inspection of property condition and structure

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In-depth advice on repairs, costs and maintenance

Industry-leading detailed reports

structural inspection

Tailored inspections based on your needs

Our survey locations cover England

Local RICS building surveyors, supported by our nationwide team

Phone support

One-to-one advice from your surveyor on any queries