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It’s Back! All the News from Allcotts’ Christmas Party





With Covid scuppering our plans for the past 2 years, it was fantastic to get everyone together for our annual company meeting and – more importantly – our Christmas party!





Sharing Expertise

The company meeting in the morning provided an invaluable opportunity to update everyone on the range of services we now offer, from residential home surveys, to commercial building surveys and heritage surveys. Our engineers took us through their typical projects, and it was great to see how our commercial structural engineering has gone from strength to strength.

As well as sharing exciting cases and projects, it gave us chance to discuss surveying approaches. From listed buildings to damp to Japanese knotweed, it was fascinating to hear everyone’s experiences and learn best practice from the team. We also discussed our survey reports and their continual evolution to best meet the standards of the RICS and needs of our clients.


New faces

As a company with a large proportion of remote workers, our Christmas party is extremely important to us. It allows our team to get to know each other face-to-face, and finally meet the people they’ve been working with over the phone all year.

This year was particularly special, because our last two Christmas parties were cancelled because of the Covid pandemic. We’re lucky enough to have grown substantially in the 3 years since December 2019, with new offices added in CardiffCambridge and York. Although surveyors and admin have been able to get together in small groups, this was the first time we had the entire company in one place, and for 17 members of the team, it was their first Allcott Associates Christmas do!


The Party!

Of course, while the meeting was hugely valuable, the highlight was being able to share good food and a few glasses of fizz with our team. We had a great time at Victoria House, in Leamington Spa, chatting to colleagues old and new. A few brave individuals then headed out into Leamington Spa town centre to continue the celebrations into the night!