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Drainage Services

CCTV Drainage Investigations

When there is an issue with the drainage system, the hardest problem is actually finding the issue with the drainage system. As drains are usually located underground, finding the spot can be a challenge. However, with the implementation of CCTV cameras, which can be used to search underground for the issue, a solution can be created.

A drainage report may be requested when there is evidence above ground to suggest that there may be a problem with the drainage system.

The condition and full extent of damage to the underground drainage can only be worked out once a CCTV investigation has taken place.


Drainage Solutions

We have a complete range of drainage solutions for our clients. Key benefits and features are as follows:

  • Creating a cost-effective project through correct investigation and astute management
  • Keeping handling to a minimum on each claim
  • The use of pen technology
  • Correctly trained personnel
  • Depth of experience in commercial and multi-property claims
  • High quality customer service and complaints procedure in agreement with the FSA (Financial Services Authority)