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Is your home on a coalfield and at risk of subsidence

Mining and Property Subsidence – Does Your Home Sit on a Coalfield?

With nearly one third of UK properties sitting above coalfields, subsidence resulting from past mining activity can be a cause for concern. Ground movement resulting from unstable mines and tunnels can lead to insecure foundations, resulting in subsidence and costly repairs. With two-thirds of mines and mine entries not documented,

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wet rot

Wet Rot – Causes, Identification & Solution

What is Wet Rot? Wet rot is the natural decay of timber due to high moisture levels. It occurs in timber with a moisture content of around 30%-50%, in contrast to dry rot that occurs in timbers with a lower moisture content of around 20%. Wet rot is caused by

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Dry Rot – Causes, Identification & Solution

What is Dry Rot? Dry rot is a type of fungal timber decay known as Serpula Lacrymans. It occurs when wood becomes too wet with a moisture content of over 20% and the wood-destroying fungus attacks the timber. Dry rot is the most serious form of fungal decay. Dry rot

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fire safety

5 Ways To Make Your Home Safe From Fire

There are 50,000 house fires in UK homes every year in which around 500 people die and 11,000 are injured. House fires devastate properties and lives, so it is incredibly important to be prepared.    Fire Alarm Around 90 deaths a year are due to a lack of working smoke

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